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Respite and a reiki retreat opportunity in France

'Opening Space' is set in the depths of rural France. People come to stay here, from all over the world - they come to this place for many reasons, all of them important: for healing; for rest and relaxation; to write or paint or draw; to think about the direction of their lives; to see this hidden part of France; to get away from their busy lives; to meet new people; to regenerate those parts of themselves that somehow have got lost on the way; to open their lives and their hearts and not be judged for whatever they may say; to find peace; to find another way. 'opening space' sits in a tiny hamlet called Couffy and it is the place that can make all of this happen.
Your hosts are both healers, trained to master level in Reiki; they are listeners; they are facilitators and trainers and teachers ; they enable and encourage; they walk and they sing and they laugh; they are musicians, singers, actors and artists, researchers and genealogists and they bring all of these to the table as well as great home - cooked food. Your hosts are professionals who have left their previous, hectic lives behind because your hosts were both called to create this special place.

Your hosts are honoured to share it with the many and various people who come.

Please - be their guest; share their lives and this place for a short time and then return...renewed, refreshed, changed.

Your accommodation.

Surrounded by weeping birches and beech trees and overhung by a majestic ash, the little house is yours, and only yours, for the time you are here with us. you will have complete privacy and peace, apart from the birds and the rustling of the trees above.

The Little House comfortably sleeps two people. If required, a table can be made available for writing or art - we have materials you can use - as well as books, because when we have no guests, it is Simon's writing studio.

You even have your own terraces - one, where you can take your breakfast if you wish to eat alone, and the other where you can simply relax - read, think or just 'be'. an additional joy is the fire - pit, which is only 20 metres from your door.

The Big House where Nigel and Simon live and where you will come to share their lives, the peace and the gentle rhythms of the countryside, is in a tiny hamlet, of four houses......a single track road, no streetlights and surrounded by open land as far as the eye can see. The big house is the 'centre' of what happens here; it where we eat, give healing, read....just the normal everyday things, but in a completely unique environment.

The house consists of the kitchen - the hub of the house, the healing room, our bathroom with a shower and a large deep bath also for your use, and the barn, built in 1567 and restored with love and care to its present state which we use as the main, very large lounge.

Up the old spiral staircase is a beautiful, open, airy mezzanine which, which is a place to sit and mediate and is also the healing place - we use essential oils, candles, music and crystals and Reiki takes place in this wonderful relaxing, spiritual space.

The house is roomy, homely, unique in it's character and a joy to live and work in; when you come to stay, we are sure you will absorb some of the energy that surrounds the place and permeates every room in the house.

Your hosts.

Nigel and Simon further details on your hosts are located at: - 'Who we are'.

More about Openingspace .

OpeningSpace is in Department 36, Indre, in the heart of the Loire Valley, accessible by train from Paris and from three airports - Tours, Limoges and Poitiers, although most visitors drive.

It is run by Nigel and Simon, who settled in this wonderful place having each left their highly - charged professional careers back in the UK. The house and it's beautiful woodland garden is the place where a multitude of things is an OPENING Space.

People come here for retreat; they come for a week's rest and peace; they come in groups for various activities; people come to fish, to walk the many paths and trails of the Loire.. They come for the history here - we do guided tours of the homes and towns and writers who came from this area and there are guided tours to local chateaux, by which we are surrounded...Château de Valencay, Château de Blois, Château de Chenonceau, Château de Amboise and others too numerous to mention.

We're here to make stuff to happen, to enable change, to provide some rest and relaxation, some immersion in the French countryside, good food and companionship at table and of course...French wine!

Your Stay.

Your stay includes all meals, drinks, formal healing sessions (Reiki and Crystal healing) if you would like them, coaching and mentoring if desired.

We can cater for any special dietary requirements.

All of our public amenities and spaces are on ground level. For their tariffs and cost visit their website located at:

If you have a need or requirement which does not appear here on the site, please tell us as we have access to other practitioners who may be able to come - for example Indian Head Massage, Osteopathy, Cranial Osteopathy, Massage, Reflexology; we also have access to online professional homeopath who can give you an online consultation. The homeopath wishes you to know that he doesn't 'charge' for a consultation, but rather accepts 'free - will donations', half of which he will give back to 'Openingspace'. Please visit his website:

*Other therapies will be charged by the practitioner.

Things to do.

Should you choose to come to Couffy for the amazing fishing, the beautiful paths and forest trails or to watch the fantastic abundance of birds both locally and down in the Brenne.

To Book.

ALL payments to be made via PayPal

Deposits are non - refundable.

The balance to be paid in EUROS.

*We cannot accept credit cards.

Please email them on or telephone on (0033) 254 07 24 70


Short-term Respite and Retreat can be arranged and funded by your local Social Services Department. For further information on Respite and Retreat and your entitlement click here

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