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mildmay hospital

Specialised HIV Respite & Palliative Care

We take a look at The The Mildmay Hospital. Mildmay is a Christian organisation dedicated to improving the lives of men, women and children challenged by HIV and AIDS. They translate their faith into action by caring for body, mind and soul, with unconditional care and compassion. Mildmay's origins go back to 1866 when a cholera epidemic was raging in the East End of London. It was the vision of a local Anglican minister and the brave response of two young deaconesses that put Mildmay on the map and shaped their future. The minister was The Rev William Pennefather, a social evangelical from Mildmay Park in Islington. His deaconesses shared his sense of duty to the local community and together they braved the slums of Bethnal Green where even doctors had feared to tread. They ventured into the midst of the sick and dying on a mission to ‘heal the sick and preach the gospel'. Thus ‘Mildmay' was founded.

What will you find at the Mildmay?

Mildmay specialises in the care of people at all stages of HIV infection – from initial diagnosis through to final phase. Also, as part of a new service development, they can admit people with chronic or progressive neurological, neuropathic, respiratory, cardiac and other illnesses. These may include, for instance, Parkinson's disease, end-stage liver/renal failure, dementias and many others. They have already successfully rehabilitated a small number of patients with cognitive deficits, enabling them to return to independent living. Mildmay are continuing to offer non-HIV care on a case-by-case basis so as to ensure compatibility between their skill mix and the identified needs of potential new patients. In addition to rehabilitation for cases other than HIV/AIDS, they can offer admission for symptom control and terminal care.

Mildmay have the expertise to treat a broad spectrum of patients with multiple complex needs: intensive physical and psychological rehabilitation after severe illness or hospitalisation, physical and cognitive disabilities and sensory impairment, stabilisation around neurological disease, mental health conditions (with onward referral if appropriate) and drug and alcohol issues. Complex family issues, psychosocial support and education around diagnosis, prognosis, medication and lifestyle. Also, complex social issues around immigration, isolation, relationships and stigma. Specialist input and support around nutrition, palliative care focusing on symptom control and emotional/spiritual support, adherence and problems relating to highly active antiretroviral therapy (HAART) and other medication, requiring the management of side-effects, the prompt treatment of any adverse drug reactions, monitoring, psychological support and education. HIV-related brain impairment conditions, including AIDS/HIV-1 associated dementia or HIV encephalopathy, progressive multifocal leucoencephalopathy (PML), HIV-related cerebrovascular episodes, brain abscesses and lymphoma acquired brain injury (not HIV-related).

The Mildmay seek to optimise their patients' physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual health through the input of a team of carers drawn from a range of disciplines. From, full-time medical consultant (specialist in internal, respiratory and HIV medicine, with experience in neurology). Ward doctors providing 24 hour cover, consultant psychiatrist providing regular input. Close links with consultant paediatricians from Great Ormond Street Hospital, nurses (trained in general health and mental health) giving round-the-clock care, advanced nurse practitioner in rehabilitation and HRBI rehabilitation coordinator.

The Mildmay also has nursery officers, counsellors and social care staff, a drug and alcohol worker, art therapist, chaplains, dietician, occupational therapists, physiotherapist, massage therapist, aromatherapist, speech therapist, clinical psychologist (supports the team and inputs to care plans). This interdisciplinary team is supported by trained volunteers and supplemented by other services as appropriate (such as dentistry and chiropody).

Care in partnership.

Members of their interdisciplinary team work in close partnership with the patient, community services and others involved in the patient's care. As a result the Mildmay  can ensure that each patient is linked in to the appropriate external care and support services. Wherever possible, the aim is for a return to safe, independent living.

How to refer.

Referral procedures differ according to primary care trust (PCT), but are often the responsibility of clinical nurse specialists/care managers. (Mildmay cannot accept self-referrals.) Following authorisation of referral, The Mildmay can quickly arrange admission. To organise a prior visit, by contacting the relevant contact below. If you would like more information on the referral process for your area, the Mildmay will be happy to advise. Call their admissions office on (020) 7613 6347/6302.


For adult/family residential admissions - Tel: (020) 7613 6347/6302


Day care (including generic HIV/AIDS) - Tel: (020) 7613 6345


Day rehabilitation (including specialist HRBI) - Tel: (020) 7613 6300/bleep 16


Nursery places - Tel: (020) 7613 6346


Mildmay International.

Mildmay International's mission is to improve the quality of life of adults and children living with or affected by HIV/AIDS, primarily in resource-limited countries and communities. Mildmay International work with in-country partners to empower healthcare providers to respond more effectively to the challenges of HIV/AIDS. Their team has exceptional experience in innovative, culturally sensitive training programmes and holistic models of care - using evidence-based best practice. Mildmay aim to strengthen existing HIV/AIDS provision through training, or create appropriate new services, in partnership with local government or NGO bodies - to help scale up access to good quality holistic care. Mildmay's International operation is becoming increasingly strong in sub-Saharan Africa, with centres in Uganda and Zimbabwe created with the support of each country's ministry of health. With appropriate funding, they hope to culturally adapt the Mildmay model for many other countries.

The Mildmay Hospital
Hackney Road, London E2 7NA
Tel: 020 76136300. Fax: 020 77295361

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